We are so happy you are here! Let’s grow together. There is nothing harder than making real change, but it’s so much better with friends.

Join us on our journey to let go of our limiting beliefs and reach our potential.


We help sophisticated ladies level up their lives.

At Sophisticated Change we are committed to helping people level up their lives through positive change in mind, body & career.

We want to inspire you to make real change in your life. Not the simple stuff, those lofty changes that have been on your mind for years. We are two best friends from college who are obsessed with personal development.

We both have a background in serious people pleasing ways and have been on a journey to move away from that. We are committed to reprogramming ourselves to get out of our old story and polishing ourselves to be the diamonds we are underneath.

Through sharing our journey to becoming female phenoms, we hope to help other sophisticated ladies stop doing all the dumb stuff that holds us back. Together we can break free from our mediocrity and shine as bright as The Universe intends us to.

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