Actually end perfectionism with these awesome tips

Perfectionism is a huge issue in today’s world. We are taught from a really young age to avoid mistakes at all costs. In school, we need to make the best grades. At relationships we need to be the best partners, making sure our other half is happy and loved. Work is another beast and you constantly feel like you have to be perfect to get promoted. It’s no wonder so many of us have anxiety issues! We are on a mission to change our perfectionist ways. Join us on our journey!

Become The Confident Woman You Were Meant To Be

Want to be more confident but struggle with changing your thinking? Feel like you always end up making the same mistakes? If fear rules your life and keeps you from reaching your goals, you are not alone. The truth is that you can become more confident. It takes some internal work, but it’s possible! Join us on our journey to improve confidence 1% at a time.

How To Rediscover Who You Are

Are you stuck but don’t know what direction to go? Once you lose your self identity, it can be difficult to know what changes will help you improve your happiness. Discovering who you are again will help you get back to what you value and what brings you joy.

Personal Development Podcasts

Podcasts are becoming increasingly more popular. We listen to them EVERY DAY. If you are looking for motivation, you NEED to listen to these podcasts. They are so amazing. You will learn and grow exponentially with a daily tune it. Happy listening!

Improve Your Confidence

Think confidence is elusive? Change your thinking! You can learn to be more confident, with some practice and a mindset shift. Some people may be born with a higher level than the rest of us, but it isn’t a fixed trait. Start making some changes today to build your confident life.

Warning! Needy Guy Ahead: 4 Red Flags to Avoid

If you are single today I am sure you can relate to this post! While there are a ton of great guys out there, you have to sift through some duds to find them! Another type of dude you may encounter is the Needy Guy. Check out Michelle’s post on her experience with one such guy in her series on online dating.

Prioritize Your Time to Win Your Life

Having a never ending task list is exhausting. We are pulled in so many directions, it can feel like we aren’t getting anything right. The truth is, there is enough time in the day. You just need to prioritize what matters to you. No you won’t get EVERYTHING done, but you will get the things that are important in your life.

Gaining Perspective On My Struggle With Binge Eating

Ready to finally quit the cycle of losing weight only to gain it back? I have been there and still struggle with weigh loss it. Here is my health journey and how the Keep It Real program worked for me. Check out my Keep It Real program review and how I finally conquered my binge eating and quit the struggle with weight loss.