Focus Your Thinking: How to Avoid Positive Thinking Pitfalls

Focus Your Thinking: How to Avoid Positive Thinking Pitfalls

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It is very likely you have heard that negative thoughts are not conducive to a productive mind. From my own experience, I am coming form a very destructive negative thinking mindset. Doomsday for every scenario was my MO. I have spent years changing this mindset to look on the bright side of things, or at least attempt to. Although this has helped me immensity, I realize it isn’t enough just to think positively.

Can be Detrimental

I was listening to a podcast recently on the Science of Success where the speaker was talking about how only thinking positively can actually be bad. I was drawn to this due to all my work on changing my overactive an anxious mind over the last year. Was everything I had been working for the wrong thing? My natural tendency to freak out was setting in!

Basically the speaker was saying that positive thinking in itself isn’t enough to reach your goals. We have a reaction to these positive thoughts as if we have already achieved them. Which can cause us to actually not meet those dreams. To me that was eye opening! As an avid daydreamer, I am constantly thinking up ideas but have yet to hit it big. Maybe this is exactly what I needed to hear.

Need to Take Action

What I got from the podcast was that while positive thinking is fantastic, we actually need to add action to those thoughts. Specifically in the form of obstacles. So in essence, what are the barriers to reaching that dream we want? That way, we can take action toward those barriers to get closer to our goals.

Just doing the daydreaming isn’t enough to reach your dreams. It makes you feel good, but a wish and a hope won’t get you there. You have to identify the steps you need to take to get you there. Each action you take will move you closer to your goals.

Being Realistic

Sometimes those dreams we have are a bit too unrealistic. For example, one of the dreams I had been indulging in is my husband telling me I could quit and just not work anymore. While John would love to let me live out my fantasies of spa days and shopping, it’s probably not going to happen. Further more, I would actually be bored out of my mind!

Be real and think about not only what you ACTUALLY want, but what is possible. Sure, you could win the lottery, but it isn’t likely. Focus your thoughts and energy on what you can control. This may mean you have to give up on things that aren’t going to happen. That’s OK. It frees up your mind on things that you can achieve.

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