Unlock the Secret to Peace and Joy in Your Life With Just One Change

Unlock the Secret to Peace and Joy in Your Life With Just One Change

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Do you find yourself constantly weighed down by worry, fear, and stress? Wonder how you can ever get out of this destructive line of thinking and negative emotion? You are not alone if you do.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America states that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the US affecting 40 million adults. These numbers are alarming! Anxiety can also lead to many other ailments including eating disorders, sleep disorders, chronic pain, and substance abuse.

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There are numerous solutions on the market to help you overcome or “cure” these conditions and hang ups. Many of these are helpful and sometimes necessary, including medication and therapy. However, an endless amount of products are being sold to us everyday to make our lives less stressful.

Rebecca Jennings of wrote a thought provoking article about the rise of something called anxiety consumerism.  The main point of the article is that Americans are anxious and we are trying to buy our way out of the problem.

Do we really believe that a weighted blanket, a coloring book, or a fidget spinner will somehow revolutionize our lives?

We are making a mistake by putting our hope in “things” to address the problems. Like other areas of our lives, such as fitness, we are looking for a quick fix to magically take the problem away. We want to avoid facing it. However, to achieve lasting change, the underlying problem must be addressed.

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Underlying problems that cause stress, anxiety, fear, and worry come in many forms and there is no one size fits all solution. I wish there was! However, there are changes in perspective and shifts in outlook that have the power to transform your life. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, one of the best selling authors of all time , popularized the phrase, “You become what you think about”. The science of quantum physics is continuously proving the theory that perceptions and beliefs about reality actually alter reality.

This is exciting news! This means you can change your whole life or certain facets of your life just by thinking differently. It’s not necessary to buy gimmicky products that end up in a closet or in the trash once they ultimately don't deliver the desired results. But, changing the way you think is a broad statement and can be a daunting task. It’s not necessarily a quick fix, but with persistence it can be a permanent fix.

To start creating peace and joy in your life through just one change, focus on exchanging your expectations for appreciation. This is one major way to shift your thinking! Tony Robbins, one of the greatest motivators of our time, speaks on this idea. It’s liberating to let go of always striving and to accept and appreciate the present moment. When we have expectations we are placing a demand on someone or something and we become tied to the outcome. When we choose appreciation we honor what is already accomplished and look forward to the future without the pressure of a specific outcome.

This is not to say that you shouldn't have expectations. There is a place for expectations and there are still standards that must be met in life. However, this positive way of thinking focuses more on recognizing blessings that exist in any situation over giving too much consideration to disappointments.

Decide to exchange your expectations that are full of criticism, judgement, and complaining for appreciation that radiates gratitude, humility, and kindness. It might be difficult in the beginning, but over time your brain will adapt to this new thought pattern and it will become a habit. Then, you will feel peace and joy in abundance because your thoughts will be focused in the right direction.

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