Mom, why are you so happy?

Mom, why are you so happy?

This is the question my daughter asked me twice in the past week. On one hand, I’m happy she notices that my improved mood. I have been feeling better, so it’s good to have someone close to me notice it. On the other hand, it shows just how noticeably miserable I was!

Regardless of where I was, in the present I am happy. So happy that my teenager is noticing. This didn’t happen overnight but it was so worth it. Every day I am feeling better and better. I am moving toward the person I want to be. Here are the main ways I have been working on my happiness.


I have been on a personal development journey for quite some time. One thing I kept seeing pop up with successful and calm people was meditation. I have tried it with various levels of consistency. Over the past month I have recommitted to meditating every night. I started with 5 minutes and then added in guided meditations from YouTube, which were about 10-15 minutes. Guided is definitely the way to go for me. Depending on what I want to focus on or how I am feeling, I find a meditation to match. The messages I am hearing are in line with what I needs. Afterward I feel so much peace and joy!


In order to create more abundance in my life I have learned I need to be extremely grateful for the things I already have. I am actively noticing my blessings and thanking God and the Universe for them.

I am realizing that while I have high ambition for my life and so much I want to accomplish, seeing what I have now is helping me know I can get there. Being grateful is allowing me to live with love in the present while being thankful for the future blessing to arrive.

This is a total 180 from the way I have lived my life! I have always been a person who has strived for more. There isn’t anything wrong for continuing to better yourself, but for me it was never stopping to appreciate what I had. Since I have been practicing gratitude, my mood has lifted immensely!

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I have taken action on the goals I have for myself. I raised my hand for a new role and got it! This was a huge step for me. In the past I would have felt that I didn’t have enough experience or needed someone to validate that I did. I am so grateful I took the chance and I am excited about doing something new and something that taps into some more of my research skills and interests.

Michelle and I are also taking action in our business. We are finishing our first eBook (sign up for the launch list here) on relationships! In addition, we are creating more content and strategist how we can bring more value to our readers.


I have made a commitment to myself to reduce the amount of alcohol I have been drinking. It got to the point where I was drinking 5-6 nights a week and in some cases totally binge drinking. I realized it makes me feel like shit the next day and severely limits my action! Particularly in the area of my business since I do more work mostly on the nights and weekends.

A side effect of not drinking as much apparently means I am also happier! So much so that my daughter has been noticing. There is no better reason to keep it up :-)

Hopefully these tips can help you level up your happiness. They have definitely helped me and I am working on continuing this path to success and ultimate love of my life.

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