The Top 3 Must Have Attributes of a Strong Woman

The Top 3 Must Have Attributes of a Strong Woman

When you think about strength you might automatically get a mental picture of a male athlete or a model with chiseled abs and well defined biceps. Physical strength is the easiest association with the term and usually attributed to men. When strength is related to women, it can actually take on a less attractive connotation as it is not usually seen as an inherently feminine quality.

However, strength has many facets and it is possible to be strong AND feminine. Being a strong woman does not mean being overly dominating. The kind of strength I am referring to is subtle and natural - NOT the “I tell it like it is” kind of strength that can be perceived as bitchy. This kind of strength is found in character, intellect, influence, and self respect.

There are countless traits of a strong woman. Let’s explore 3 of these traits and how a strong woman demonstrates them.

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Trait #1: Self Growth and Awareness

This is a big one and possibly a foundation for the other traits. A strong woman is aware of who she is at any given time and she is constantly taking action to grow. Whether it’s through reading, writing, starting a business, meditating, or taking up a new hobby, she is always inviting new knowledge and experiences into her life. She welcomes challenges and embraces the task to overcome because she views it as a chance to grow. She learns from her mistakes because she takes time to reflect on her life and her choices. She chooses to take responsibility instead of being a victim of circumstance.

This time next year a strong woman won’t be in the same place...mentally, spiritually, relationship-wise, or any other way. Sitting on the side lines and allowing life to happen is easy, but it takes strength and resolve to put yourself in the driver’s seat. She keeps moving forward.

Trait #2: Ability to Let Go

Letting go isn’t just about getting over the past or trying to forget - exes, regrets, bad choices, wrongs that were done to you, etc. Truly letting go involves the past, the present, and the future. It is forgiving yourself for past mistakes, allowing the present to unfold, and releasing worry about the future.

A  strong woman controls what she can and lets go of what she can’t. She recognizes that the key to this super power is getting out of her own head. Overthinking and over-analyzing are destroyers of letting go. She realizes that time is a nonrenewable resource. She can’t get it back. So, she refuses to spend her time stuck in the past or stuck in her head. As she goes through her day, she seizes opportunities and feels gratitude for the little things without contemplating what she is lacking.

A strong woman knows when to let go of something or someone that does not contribute to her growth or happiness. Dead weight is removed and she will not apologize for that. She will rise from the ashes stronger and wiser.

It is human instinct to hold onto grudges, harbor unforgiveness (for ourselves or others), obsess over the future, and live in our heads. However, it takes strength to drop all of that negativity and simply let go. A strong woman can let go.

Trait #3: Boundaries and Standards

Unfortunately, boundaries and standards are somewhat rare these days. We live in a “hook up” culture with an expectation of instant gratification without commitment. There is pressure to live up to a social media standard of perfection. It seems impossible to push against these norms by setting boundaries based on personal values and beliefs and maintaining standards of what is acceptable in your life.

However, a strong woman recognizes that this way of living is flawed and unfulfilling. She knows that she will be happier and more at peace if she protects her self worth. She is honest about her needs and whether or not they are being fulfilled, even if it’s uncomfortable for the other person to hear. Her boundaries and standards aren’t driven by insecurity, jealousy, or control but are instead rooted in confidence, self respect, and understanding.

If someone threatens to leave because they disagree or don’t want to be held accountable, a strong woman holds the door for them on the way out. She will not be manipulated into lowering her expectations. She is not afraid to say “next”.

Strength has many definitions, but a common thread is the attribute of being better than average. Being strong is being more than what is expected. It is having the beneficial quality of standing out. Being a strong woman is not easy. This characteristic needs to be nurtured and grown through successes and failures. Nothing good in life is easy, but it’s worth it.

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