Life Changing Ways To Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Life Changing Ways To Overcome Limiting Beliefs

We have brought up the topic of limiting beliefs in the past. Today we want to dive into one of the most prevalent offender - I am not enough.

This is the one that Michelle and I deal with the most. It’s absolutely debilitating. It leads to so many issues, the most frustrating is derailing your progress.

What is a limiting belief?

High level, it is deep seated negative belief about yourself and your abilities. It can come from many places, but most likely from your childhood.

Maybe you had parents or friends who were overly critical. It could even have been a emotional abuse situation. The stories have been told and reinforced in you over the years and are automatic.

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Why do they matter?

Simply put, they are holding you back! You may be thinking, sure but I am married with kids and I have a great career. That may be true, but you could have that despite the belief and should actually be more accomplished.

But think about this. If you are doing a lot of great things on paper, how do you feel about it? Are you happy? Fulfilled? Is your relationship with your spouse and children in a good spot? Or are you going through the motions?

Being enough

This one is tough because it’s so essential to everything you do. Here are some common factors of not feeling like you are enough:

  • You talk very negatively to yourself

  • Overthinking isn’t just something you do, it’s an Olympic sport

  • If something goes wrong, you feel to blame. Even if you aren’t.

  • People pleasing is your life goal

  • When you are happy, you start to get anxiety about what is going to go wrong

  • You have trouble making up your mind, even about simple things

  • External validation is essential for you to feel like your decision was correct

  • Trusting people is an issue

  • You don’t feel like you have control of your life

This is not an exhaustive list and you may check some of the boxes but not all. People will have different levels of this issue.

Now what?

  1. The first step is acknowledging that the belief is there. Notice your thoughts and feelings with no judgement. Consider starting a journal with the focus of recording these thoughts but not actually making a judgement on them.

  2. Next you will want to start challenging the thoughts when they emerge. When your subconscious is telling you that you could never get the promotion because everyone else is more qualified. Think about that statement objectively. Is it really true? If you have competition, what steps could you take to stand out?

  3. Once you have spent some time challenging those limiting statement beliefs, you will want to take steps to change them. After step 2, you will begin to notice your mind is telling you a lot of lies. Start proactively saying affirmations related to the areas you are seeing a lot of negative beliefs. You can download our favorites here!

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