Actually end perfectionism with these awesome tips

Actually end perfectionism with these awesome tips

As great as having everything perfect sounds, perfectionism can quickly lead to an imperfect state of mental health. It is a trait that has led people to take their own life. It’s serious that a study in 2017 linked perfectionism as a cause of suicide.


It is easy to treat perfectionism as a thing that is unworthy of consideration. It can be seen as being something only ambitious and disciplined people with high standards and are super talented deal with. The real fact of perfectionism, however, is that it can happen to anyone. It turns life into an endless scorecard on achievements or looks.

That distinction can lead to different psychological problems and feeling like you are never good enough. Perfectionism is often accompanied by depression, bulimia, anorexia, and other eating disorders and mental illness.


Perfectionism can take different forms in the life of an individual. A person can impose a non-viable wish to be perfect in themselves. They can impose this desire on others to create this sense of perfectionism about themselves which they would most likely try to live up to.

A person can also develop into a perfectionist because of a perception of an unrealistic level of perfection in the lives of others. Social media is also a huge factor for socially-prescribed perfectionism.



Overcoming Perfectionism

Appreciate yourself

A practice of perfectionists is setting goals. However lofty these goals are, a perfectionist would set them and do everything possible to achieve them. Setting goals and achieving them is not bad. It helps you feel accomplished. However, when a perfectionist achieves such a goal, they end up being unsatisfied and are further self-critical.

To counter this cycle, appreciate yourself whenever you achieve a goal no matter how long you’ve taken to achieve it. Do not tag this as ‘condoning mediocrity’ because self-appreciation is great for our mental well-being.

There is something called ‘Good Enough’

Plans will never go according exactly as you envision them. It is no secret that things will come up that’ll usurp your schemes. You can’t always prepare for every situation. It is physically impossible and you will drive yourself crazy if you try!

We are saying to use this as an excuse to slack off. It is simply being realistic enough to be able to accept that your achievements might just be ‘good enough’ and that could be good enough for you. Our newest model a #sochange is to remember that done is better than perfect!


Social Media

One way to avoid the constant societal pressure of being perfect, is, dealing with social media usage. You should understand that nobody posts their sad moments on social media. As humans, we love dreamy scenery and people feed into that by creating falsities about themselves which they upload for likes and follows.

As sure fire way to increase your self esteem and stop your perfectionism tendencies, you should reduce the hours you spend feeding these images into your head. The real world has no filters. Remember that people can smile, hit the snap button on their camera and go back to crying immediately after.



A wise man once said, "compare yourself to yourself". Be your comparison. Compare the last year you to the one-year-later you. You are the one who knows what you go through and it is difficult to deceive yourself about your situation.


Perfectionism in the early stages can feel like a good choice to make, in the long run, however, it is unsustainable. It often leads to insecurity about oneself and it can damage one’s relationship with one’s support system. If you find it difficult to get rid of this behavior, seek professional help.

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